Welcome to your 12-Week Dental Practice Management Playbook!

“A lot can happen in 30 days, but the good news is… a lot can happen in 30 days…”

That’s why we created this series to help our dentists, dental managers, dental teams and our friends in the dentistry world make the best of this trying time.


What’s Included?

Course Overview

Front Office Rocks has developed this 12-week program and will deliver it to you in six installments – two weeks at a time to guide you through training and activities to support your office whether you are on site, remote or mobile!


Each unit of Dental Practice Management Playbook includes a downloadable lesson document, homework and quiz to complete in order to receive your CE!


Dental Practice Managememt Resources

Don’t forget as you navigate through our 12 Week course, we have an entire document library and webinar recordings to help your team navigate a dental office!