Dental Scheduling Coordinator Training 

The team relies on a full and accurate schedule each day. Dental office scheduling includes more than understanding how to schedule a patient. A deeper understanding of scheduling includes its various components, such as how to get patients to schedule and actually show up for their appointments, handling cancellations and managing both the doctor and hygiene schedules.

Dental Scheduling Coordinator Foundation Course Outline

The schedule dictates the entire day in the dental office. We will teach your dental scheduling coordinator how to meet daily production goals, how to confirm appointments two days in advance to reduce last-minute cancellations and no-shows and have them develop a plan to fill any openings in the schedule. The dental schedule is a game and the scheduling coordinator is running the plays with the goal of winning the day, week and month! View our scheduling course outline here. 

Dental Scheduling Coordinator Mastery Program

The mastery program is included with the client’s monthly subscription and is designed to provide a deeper dive into the role and function of the scheduler. Mastery consists of approximately 5-6 hours of video training + chapter quizzes and homework activities to support the program. Mastery can be assigned to the scheduler in the office and the scheduler’s back up to ensure continuity throughout the front office and team. View our scheduling course outline here.

Dental Scheduling Coordinator Documents

Where can you turn for scheduling documents and resource help (do you know how to conduct a time study)? We can help with our scheduling coordinator document library, policies, forms and more. Turn here for our Patients Running Late Policy or Recare Policy – use them as is or use them as a starting point to write your own in our scheduling coordinator’s dream library. View document templates for the scheduler. 

Dental Scheduling Coordinator Webinars

The scheduling coordinator foundation courses are where you start, but join us monthly as we focus on streamlining your schedule, boosting your practice’s productivity and increasing revenue during our wildly popular webinar series. This is LIVE with Laura Hatch – your chance to train with her personally. Check out the latest Scheduling Webinars. 

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““The schedule is the backbone of the entire dental office and the dental scheduler is the primary team member to ensure it runs as smoothly and productively as possible.  The dental office scheduler or person in charge of the schedule should be trained to build a productive, well-run schedule and handle the multitude of things that come up during the day.  The schedule is the most important system in the entire dental office because it impacts everyone; the dentist, hygienists, assistants, front office team and the patients.” 


The first step on the path to fixing the problem with no shows and cancellations is to understand why it is happening, and then we can examine the detailed reasons behind a canceled or missed visit for each type of appointment.

Fixing issues in the schedule can be solved with understanding how to communicate with patients.

Ultimately the schedule is yours to run and we’ll give you the tools to optimize the dental office schedule. 

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  8-Hour Day Outline

use these forms to break your day into manageable pieces and what to do with each allotment.

  Recare Call Policy

Stop tracking down your patients to get them scheduled for recare. Learn how to get every patient to leave with an appointment.

  Block Scheduling

Learn the importance of how to block schedule and what happens when you don’t.

  How to Offer an Appointment

How to offer an appointment to a patient that fits their schedule, but ultimately fills the needs of the office schedule.

  Doctor Schedule vs Hygiene Schedule

When learning how to schedule, you need to look at it from two different perspectives:  The doctor’s schedule and the hygiene schedule.


  Scheduler Daily Duties

Use this Scheduler Daily Duties list to stay on track and ahead of the day.

Fix Your Patient Schedule!

How often does the schedule ever run the way it looked in the morning?

Various issues come up – patients run behind, we run behind, emergencies call to schedule, we work through lunch and leave work late – that feels like our normal.

We can all agree the schedule in a dental office can make or break a day. It is also the most stressful topic of discussion between departments and between team members, because it affects everyone.

Have a Morning Huddle

Ask any well-running, productive office if they have a morning huddle, and I’m willing to bet most of them (if not all) do.

Why is this meeting so important?  

Because this is where you get the team on the same page. This is the time and place to review things that may not go well during the day and plan for them accordingly.

Our documents allow for customization for your office, we have video checklists so you can assign training to each team member, and we have our team available from 8am-8pm EST on live chat to give your answers when they need it most.




We recommend watching all the video modules in each unit if you want to master your schedule, but when your in a bind, these quick tips will help your team get answers now…

How Can I Improve Scheduling?
For the management team, I would start...
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For your front office team, we recommend...
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Our office is closed on Fridays. We confirm Monday appointments on Thursday, but we still get a lot of Monday cancellations. What do you recommend?
Monday is a popular day for cancellations...
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