Front Office Rocks U

12-Week Courses focused on you, the dental professional.

Look around and there are tons of courses focusing on clinical training…

But what about the people answering the phones or transitioning to careers in the dental office? 

FOR U was designed as a series of comprehensive 12-week programs that focus on leading a team member from newbie to rockstar and establishing a foundation for success with both your employee and your practice.

Most organizations only focus one week of onboarding and training -then it’s sink or swim. Which leads to poor employee retention, high turnover, and employees looking for another job. 

Each course was developed over the course of 7+ years from the perspective of an office manager and improved continually based on feedback from thousands of employees. 

New Hire Program

Our program will help your new hire get started with the right mindset and attitude. It’s designed not only to teach the basics to help them start contributing well to the office production, but also to teach them how to be an awesome employee, team player and leader.

While designed for new employees, we highly recommend it for annual training of existing staff, staff who may need a refresher course, office managers, and the dentist.


Phone Skills Program

Front Office Rocks was developed to fill the gap in phone training for dental practices. Too often the focus is on the marketing and new patients, but production and revenue starts with the phones.

You don’t need scripts, you need a framework that has a proven track record for results.

This program focuses on establishing systems and developing the verbal skills needed to rock the front desk.



Productive Scheduling

The schedule is the backbone of the entire dental office and the dental scheduler is the primary team member to ensure it runs as smoothly and productively as possible.

You’re the scheduler in your office. Now what?

This program takes you further than just knowing what a schedule is and into its importance in your office, what a good versus bad schedule looks like and how your attitude and duties have a direct impact on the success of your schedule.


New to Dental

No time to keep up with the times, never mind hit the refresh button? If the day-to-day responsibilities of running a dental practice have left you with little time to brush up on the building blocks of practice management, this refresher course is for you. By covering dental terminology, office roles, and a high-level overview of dental insurance, this virtual classroom will get you up to speed before you can say cavity-free!

Whether you are new to the dental industry, thinking about hiring someone from outside, or looking for a refresher course – Everything to Know if You Are New to Dental will provide you with the solid foundation and buildable skills you need to thrive in this exciting field.


Cross Training Your DA

Following an exam or procedure, DA’s (dental assistants)  get some more one-on-one time with the patient. This is when they explain any details for taking care of their teeth, schedule their next appointment, and assist with any payment questions.

Dental Assistants Impact Patient Retention

Not only are they on the front lines with patients, but dental assistants play a valuable role on the team by helping out with phones, scheduling, confirming appointments, understanding insurance and billing terminology.

We’ll help you cross train a Rockstar Dental Assistant.


DA's: Getting Started

First, we’ll set the groundwork for why we’re here – to serve patients. If you keep the patient first and foremost every additional skill will make more sense. We want you to be a leader in your role and think beyond checking tasks.

So what can you expect to do on a daily basis when working as a dental assistant? Each dental office establishes which tasks the dental assistant will perform. For example, dental assistants allow the dentist to move to the next patient more quickly; contribute to team synergy, making all team members more effective; and help prevent the dentist from becoming burned out.

Let’s work together to get you started on the right track and love your role!


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Your Instructor

Laura Nelson has committed years of study to learning how to manage and empower team members and is the founder of Front Office Rocks, the leader in on-demand training for dental practices.

Laura witnessed first-hand that continual training was missing in the dental practice and built Front Office Rocks to be a 24/7 virtual resource for dental practices and offers training for the entire team.

With her interactive and innovative approach, Laura has mentored thousands of dentists and dental team members to achieve unprecedented results in growth, empowered dentists and office managers to excel at performance-based hiring and loves to share her best-known methods for achieving the ultimate level of customer service in your practice. Laura lives in Coronado, CA with her husband, Chris and enjoys traveling & exploring new destinations, biking and other fitness activities including Spartan races.